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Apj Abdul Kalam Short Biography

Biography Of APJ Abdul Kalam In Short
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam short biography (Abdul Kalam) is not a name. Rather, it is an ideology which teaches us that anything is possible in these worlds.
It is a principle that drives us above caste, religion, religion. And inspires us to serve the country with full devotion. This is an inspiration that inspires us to dream and then gives the courage to fulfil it.
When Abdul Kalam comes, a kind of energy gets communicated within us. That’s why he is a true model for the youth of our country. As soon as his name comes, all the bonds of religion are broke.

Apj Abdul Kalam Short Biography

Born in a very simple family of Tamil Nadu. Abdul Kalam did not only serve the country as a scientist. But also the pride of becoming the eighth President of India.
A great scientist experienced writer and skilled thinker. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is a source of inspiration for the youth of the whole world along with Hindustan. Today we will talk about the Biography Of APJ Abdul Kalam In Short.

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Abdul Kalam Life

APJ Abdul Kalam was born in a middle-class family of Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. His father’s name was Jainulabiddin Marakayar.
It said that his father had a very strong influence on the life of Abdul Kalam.
And the teachings and values received from his father gave him a strong base.
His father used to say, “When the fool comes, try to understand the reason. Because the makers always give themselves a chance to test themselves.”
Kalam’s life was very gracious and even emotional. His father Jainulabiddin Marakayar used to stay away from things of rest. But all the necessary things were available to him.
When Abdul Kalam was six years old. His father makes a boat so the passengers could take Dhanushkodi from Rameshwaram. And then bring Rameswaram from Dhanushkodi.
In this work, a relative Ahmed Jalaluddin used to help him. And later Ahmed Jalaluddin married Abdul Kalam’s elder sister, Johora.
Though Ahmed was 15 years older than Abdul Kalam, in spite of this, both people had deep friendships. And often used to go out for long trips in the evening.
Another person who was very impressed with me in childhood was his cousin Shamsuddin. Samsudin had a newspaper contract in Rameswaram and he used to handle all the work alone.
Abdul Kalam took the task of accumulating the newspapers and this work made his first income.

Abdul Kalam Education

At the age of five, the education of Abdul Kalam started from the primary school of Rameshwaram. He went to Ramanathapuram for further studies and enrolled in Swarts Matriculation School.
He became a beloved disciple of his teacher, Aiyar Durai Solman. His teacher, Iyer Durai, help Kalam in studies and to fulfil his dreams. After doing twelfth from Swarts Matriculation School.
He went to St Joseph’s College in Tiruchirappalli for further studies, and in 1955. Abdul Kalam graduated in Physical Sciences from St. Joseph’s College.
After doing this, Abdul Kalam realized that physics was not his subject. And instead, it supposed to be an engineer. Then he decided to do Aeronautical Engineering.
And applied for Aeronautical Engineering at MIT (Madras Institute of Technology).
His name came in the list of candidates there, but for admission there, he needed around Rs. 1,000 and no such amount was with his father.
At that time, his sister Johar had made his gold bracelet and chain and paid for his fees.
Such faith in your sister and family’s own self encouraged Abdul Kalam to do something.
In 1958, Abdul Kalam made a diploma in Space Science from the Madras Institute of Technology.
After graduating from MIT, Abdul Kalam applied for the Ministry of Defense and Air Force. And went to Delhi and Dehradun to interviewed on call.
Defence’s interview was fine, but when he went to Dehradun for the Air Force. He came to the number nine in 25 people and his selection was not done in Air Force.
Because of no selection, Abdul Kalam was very upset because joining the Air Force was his dream.
But , they selected in Defense and they joined the Ministry of Defense (DRDO).

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A career as a Scientist

After working there for three years. He transferred to Bangalore’s Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE).
And he went to Mumbai for the interview. And they selected for the rocket engineer in Indo Spark.
In 1962, Abdul Kalam sent to NASA (America) for six months for the training of Rocket Launching.
In 1969, Abdul Kalam transferred to ISRO-ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization).
And on that, his record appointed as. The director of All Brother’s Dream Project Satellite Launch Vehicle.
And working with them, he found inner happiness. The success of this project made him a famous scientist. But in 1971, the sudden death of the whole brother was very shocking.
The SLV-3 launched in 1979 but shortly after the flight, SLV-3 collapsed to an ocean.
Being the Director of that Mission. Abdul Kalam took responsibility for his failure. And started working on it again and after that. The historical day came when Rohini satellite scheduled to launch.
Rohini satellite scheduled to launch on July 18, 1980.
People did not believe in their ears. That India could launch its satellite without any external help. But it was true that a strict leader who was not allowed to give up.
About a month after the launch of SLV-3, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s call him.
The simple nature of Abdul Kalam upset Prime Minister. Because he used to wear ordinary clothes and sleepers.
26 January 1981 Dr Kalam awarded. Kalam gave the responsibility of DRDA in 1982
In 1991 Abdul Kalam awarded the Padma Vibhushan by the Indian government.
The Indian government honoured him with the Bharat Ratna in 1997.
Today, Abdul Kalam has a huge contribution. To the efficiency that our country is capable of making atomic weapons.
In 1998, India completed its second nuclear test under the leadership of Abdul Kalam.

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APJ Abdul Kalam Political Life

In 2002, a historic day came when Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam had the distinction of being the President of this great India. when the NDA declared him a presidential candidate.
The simplicity like him did not have any connection with the politician. But after assuming the office of President. He was always ready for the better development of the country.
He used to love children very much and was always worried about the future of children and youth.
Because he knew that the educational and moral development of the youth. Is important for the development of the country.

APJ Abdul Kalam Death

On July 27, 2015, Dr Kalam gives a speech at the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong. And he had a heart attack and he left this world forever.
Our country and its people will always indebted to him. For the achievements of this great nation devotee and dutiful person.
His body presented in Delhi on July 28 and Madurai on July 29, . And finally, on 30th July, his body buried in Purnumbh ground in Rameswaram.
On that day along with India. the whole world and humanity paid tribute to him and mourned for leaving the world of great men like him.
And seven-day mourning declared by the Indian Government in his honour.
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