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The price of the car was reduced for the third time in a row, but still

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Tesla‘s electric car is one of the favourite cars of customers all over the world, whatever the reason because Tesla’s electric cars have so many features which are no less than a gift for the customers.

Now the big news is coming about this Tesla. Indeed, Tesla is facing the wrath of its Chinese customers after announcing a surprising cut in the price of its electric cars.

You must be thinking that the reduction in the price is right for the customers, then why are they protesting, then let us tell you that the protesters include such consumers, who bought Tesla EVs a few days ago and are benefiting from the price cut. Also Read: This Car Created Havoc In India, Leaving Maruti Suzuki Behind And Reaching Number One

Could not pick up Yes, such customers have started demanding discounts and credits on car prices. He claims that he has paid more for the electric cars he bought earlier.

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Let us tell you that the news agency Reuters reports that about 200 customers who recently bought the Model 3 and Model Y gathered at the automaker’s showrooms and distribution centres across China and decided to reduce prices for the second time in three months. opposed.

The person is delivering milk with this bike worth 5 lakhs, and the mileage of the bike is only 24kmpl; People were surprised to see the video Government subsidy inspired customers. Also Read: You Would Have Never Seen Such A Changed Look Of Royal Enfield, You Will Be Surprised To See

The report said that many Tesla owners believed that the price Tesla charged for its electric cars at the end of last year was suddenly so high. Will reduce, they did not think. The automaker announced supporting production at the Shanghai Gigafactory to boost sales.

Along with this, he also revealed about Tesla that government subsidies at the end of 2022 also motivated many people to buy.

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24 per cent cut in prices Let us tell you that in order to increase its sales in China, Tesla has announced continuous price cuts for Model 3 and Model Y EVs in the country in the last few months. Also Read: These Top 5 Cars Failed In Crash Test This Year, Putting Customers’ Safety At Risk

The latest case came on Friday. With the latest price cut, Tesla electric car prices in China are now 13 per cent to 24 per cent lower than their September 2022 levels. The price cut comes after the automaker reported a drop in sales in December last year.

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