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Wanted to marry Karan Johar by changing sex! Bollywood star’s fame leaked fans are shocked

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KRK, aka Kamal R Khan, has had a long-standing relationship with Bollywood. There is no Bollywood star who has not been roasted and washed by this self-proclaimed Bollywood critic. No one is spared, including Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Karan Johar, and Kamal R Khan.

KRK constantly targets Karan Johar in the nepotism controversy. Looking at her attitude towards Karan, it seems like the biggest enemy of her life is the controversial Bollywood producer.

But this KRK once wanted to change his gender and marry Karan Johar! Recently, netizens have used one of his old tweets to attack him. Also Read: After 60, Prosenjit-Arpita’s Baby Came Home, Wishes Poured In On Social Media

Karan Johar And Krk

This fact has come up in a famous newspaper recently. In 2012, Kamal R Khan made a comment on Twitter. There, she wrote that if Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister of the country, she will change her gender and marry Karan Johar. He took it as a challenge. Today, after so many years, his old tweet has gone viral again.

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By December 2012, Kamal R. Khan commented, “I challenge myself that if Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India, I will change my gender and marry Karan Johar.” If Narendra Modi really became the Prime Minister in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Kamal A. Khan rejected his old challenge.

On the contrary, she claims, she never talked about changing her gender or marrying Karan Johar. The tweet was sent in his name from a fake account. He tweeted that he will leave India if Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister.

KRK then sent another tweet saying, “Modiji has won, and I am leaving India as promised.” Goodbye, India, forever. I will miss my country and the sweet people here.” Also Read: Who Is Arijit’s First Wife? Why Did They Break Their Marriage?

I didn’t tweet about sex change or marry Karan Johar. That is a fake tweet. Yes, I tweeted that I will leave India if Modi becomes PM. — KRK (@kamaalrkhan) May 22, 2014

After seeing this old tweet of Kamal and Khan again, extreme criticism has started on social media. KRK is constantly mocking Bollywood stars on social media. Karan Johar, in particular, is always on point. Karan Johar‘s previous comments about the Prime Minister are being scrubbed by netizens.

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