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Abhinav extends the hand of friendship towards Akshu, now their future relationship will be

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The Episode starts with Abhi worrying for Manjiri. Harsh says why are you worried, that’s why you called me papa, don’t torture yourself, Manjari will not be fine if you worry, you have two responsibilities a son and a doctor, take care, go home and take some rest. . Abhi says no, I will not go anywhere.

Harsh says our concern for Manjiri is common among us, you have to be fine, this is my promise, I will not leave from here. Whereas Abhinav tells Akshu I brought him to the girl’s hostel because he did not want to go home, then Abhinav says you will not slap me. Then Akshu asks why are you helping me?

He says because… She says because you are a good man. He says I also needed help; I had none, so I help everyone. He gives her some money.

Then Abhinav says to keep it as a loan, you can return the money to me whenever you want, don’t feel pressure, I am helping you, no favour, I don’t want anything in return, please for the sake of the child. . After which Akshara thanks him by taking the money.

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Anshu reached the girls’ hostel

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There the warden asks are you pregnant. When Abhi learns that Akshu is missing, he is not with his family. He says she called me in the morning, she is not missing. The warden asks Abhinav if there are some rules here, and we don’t know who she was.

He says you are a warden, not a judge, how can you think anything about someone, you don’t understand humanity. She gets worried for Akshu. Shefali says you didn’t ask her where she is. Abhi says he has a habit of running away.

She says you divorced her in anger and asked her to leave, your decision was not correct. Abhi says what he did was also not right, I don’t want to talk about that. She says I understand your pain, I am worried that you both might stay alone for the rest of your life. Anshu talks to his child. Some goons tease him.

Abhinav looks for her. She sees a group of girls and stands with them. Police come there. The girls run away. The lady constable catches Akshu and scolds him. Abhi thinks about Akshu. Inspector scolds the girls. Anshu says I am from Udaipur, I am Goenka’s daughter. He asks don’t you have any shame, shut up. Constable asks him questions. Inspector taunts him.

Yrkkh2 1

Anshu gets into trouble

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Abhinav comes to the police station. He falls. He says sorry, you continue, it’s fine. He sees Akshu crying. He says you work hard to protect us, I salute you, why did you bring her here. Inspector says she does illegal work.

Abhinav scolds her. Inspector says you are saying so… Abhinav shouts she is my wife, you know she is pregnant, you got her in this state, how dare you, I will not tolerate this. . Inspector asks are you making up stories to save him.

Abhinav says here is proof, see the hospital report, she is pregnant, if I tell this in the media, you will lose respect. Abhinav says to Akshu I had gone to collect fruits, why did you go out, doctor asked you to rest, I will never leave your hand, come.

Inspector gives back the report and says you can go. Abhinav says don’t scold or slap me, I did good acting of your husband, I know I am talented. Dadi and everyone are crying. Abhi comes home. Suwarna scolds him. He asks where is Akshu.

Dadi says we don’t know anything, you did bad to her so she left. Suwarna asks how can you talk of divorce in this condition. Abhi says I know you are angry with me. He sits down and drinks water.

He says divorce is such a thing, I m lost, what could I do, I tried my best to walk along, but…. I could not do anything, I could not protect my brother and children, my mother is in the hospital, and she does not listen to me. Manish gives her another glass of water. Abhi says if she had listened to me then this would not have happened. After which Abhi starts crying.

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