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Anupama will beg for love, will Anuj in his ego forget Anupama’s past mistakes?

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New Delhi. In TV’s top serial Anupama, something or the other is seen daily, which keeps the audience connected to the show and continues to shower love. In the last episode, you saw that Anuj comes home with a friend, where Anupama has already made some romantic plans. Anuj repeatedly talks in front of his friend that for the first time since his arrival, he has laughed openly, otherwise he was stuck in the rush of life. Anupama feels bad that Anuj is giving more importance to his friend than her.

Baa 1

Samar will propose Dimpy

In today’s episode you will see that Baa thinks of apologizing to Anupama. Babuji says that good work should not be delayed. After which Dimple and Samar come, Baa gets angry seeing both of them together and says why don’t you go to your home. Dimple says what treasures are kept in Shah house, which she will come there. She says Samar is her good friend and nothing else. But while serving ice cream outside, Samar talks about liking Dimple. On the other hand, Anuj narrates his love story to Dheeraj i.e. his friend. Dheeraj asks Anupama about her angle, she is about to tell but then Baa’s call comes, which Anupama does not pick up.

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Anupama1 1

Anupama will apologize in front of everyone

Anupama tells that I am the soil which Anuj turned into gold. Got everything in first marriage but on conditions, but didn’t get love and respect at all. I am broken but he connected me and inspired me to live a new life. introduced me to me He taught me to dream, taught me to fly, taught me to walk, taught me to live. Meanwhile, Anupama also apologizes that she forgot Anuj due to past relationships. In the upcoming episode, Dheeraj will ask Anuj that don’t let your ego come between love.

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