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Babuji will be missing then Baa will make heinous allegations on Anuj, Vanraj’s blood will boil

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new Delhi. new Delhi. In TV’s top serial Anupama, something or the other is seen daily, which keeps the audience connected to the show and continues to shower love. In the last episode, you saw that when Bapuji has to go to the temple, Anuj takes Bapuji with him but does not say anything to Anupama. In today’s episode, you will see that Bapuji does not reach home for a long time, after which Ba will panic and call Vanraj.


Babuji is missing

In today’s episode you will see that Babuji tries to convince Anuj that your relationship is not made for fighting. You’re not like the rest of the people. Rest as you are, both of you liked each other like that but now why do you want to change Anupama. Anuj says I don’t want to change her, I like her the way she is but I don’t want my daughter to yearn for her mother’s love. Anuj says whatever happens but these things will not reduce our love. Anuj leaves Babuji at the square and goes because Babuji’s friends are going to come there.

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Vanraj will misbehave with Anuj

On the other hand, Babuji has not reached home till late night and Ba is panicking. Baa accuses Anuj that what was the need of leaving Babuji in the middle of the way. On the other hand, Vanraj and Kavya try to be romantic but then Baa’s call comes and she tells the whole situation. Baa tells Vanraj that Anuj and Babuji had an argument and he left her several times. Vanraj panics and leaves back home. As soon as Vanraj arrives, Baa starts accusing Anuj, Vanraj and Anuj have an argument. In the coming episode, Anuj will ask Anupama to leave the Shah family.

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