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Between Boycott Pathan the makers of Pathan film have now changed their decision, new strategy to make Pathan a hit

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New Delhi. Pathan trailer is going to release tomorrow. Different enthusiasm is being seen in the hearts of the people regarding the trailer. Those people who want to boycott Pathan are talking about the trailer more than that. Whatever it is, the discussion of Pathan is everywhere. And this discussion is going to continue this month. It was updated today regarding the trailer of Pathan film that the trailer of Pathan will be released tomorrow at 11 am. Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham are going to be seen in Pathan film. Apart from this, Salman Khan’s cameo will also be seen in the film? So is Kal Salman Khan a part of Pathan movie trailer and will he be seen in the trailer? Apart from this, how is the character of Salman Khan in Pathan film, we will talk about it here.

Salman Khan’s discussion with Shahrukh Khan is going on even before the trailer of Pathan film. Salman Khan is also going to appear in the film along with Shahrukh Khan. This is a simple trick by the makers where they want to invite the audience to the cinema hall somehow. For which he is displaying two big stars in the same film. It has almost become a trend in the film industry where they are writing two stars in the same film so that more number of viewers can be gathered.

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Tomorrow the trailer of Pathan movie will be released. In such a situation, the question of the people was whether Salman Khan would be a part of the trailer tomorrow. To which the answer is no. Salman Khan is not a part of the trailer. Yes, sources close to Bollywood Hungama have told them that Salman Khan Pathan is not going to be a part of the movie trailer. Earlier there were reports that there may be a glimpse of Salman Khan in the trailer tomorrow or a separate video of Salman Khan may be released by the makers of Pathan before the release of the film.

But now the news of Bollywood Hungama has confirmed that Salman Khan will not be seen in the trailer of Kal Pathan. The makers have taken a very thoughtful decision and they want the audience to come to the theaters to watch Salman in character and not just the trailer. To invite the audience to the theatres, the makers have decided not to feature Salman Khan in the trailer. Apart from this, sources have also told that Salman Khan will be shown in the film when the curiosity of the audience is at its peak. Grand entry is going to be seen in Salman’s film. This is what sources have told Bollywood Hungama.

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Apart from this, sources have also told that Salman Khan will not be there just to make an appearance, but Salman Khan will be seen on about 15-20 screens. It is being told that patriotism, dialogue, action are all going to be seen at a big level in the Pathan film. Makers have now changed the strategy in view of Boycott and they want to invite the audience to the theaters for which they have now made this strategy. Let’s see whether this strategy will work on January 25 or Pathan film will be buried under Boycott.

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