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Both Abhir and Ruhi are enjoying their separate lives

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New Delhi. As we told you Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, now a leap has been brought in the show, at the beginning of the show, Ruhi runs saying Mimi and says that you will not fly the kite, after which Dadi says that if everyone will play, then who will be the umpire, we Will sit here and keep an eye on everyone that no one is cheating. After this Dadi says we will keep an eye on everyone, today is the new beginning of the day, on which Ruhi says that where there is a new day, there is an old day, after which Dadi says even if the house is old, the people are old, but every day is a new beginning. There are times in which we have to do something new every day. Sometimes the tiles of the house get uprooted and sometimes the bulb gets fused, so if a new beginning is not made then the house will look very deserted even though there are people in the house. This happens with relationships too, we make relationships but forget that we have to take care of them everyday. So that we know that we have to install a new bulb in our relationship, Makar Sankranti is the day to remind ourselves of this. After hearing this, everyone starts clapping.

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Abhi flies kite with Ruhi

All the housemates fly kites in Makar Sankranti, in which Ruhi flies kite with Abhi, Ruhi has written her wish in this kite, in which she has written that my poppy should only love me. After this, Ruhi’s kite gets cut, after which Ruhi becomes sad and says that she was a sinner, I had written a wish in it, on which Abhi tells Ruhi, son, don’t open your eyes until I say, after which Abhi runs away. He goes and catches the kite by jumping over the railing, after which all the housemates get scared but when Abhi comes back, everyone heaves a sigh of relief. After all this, Manish and Suvarna dance to the song Dance Ka Bhoot Chadhaya and the entire housemates are seen dancing with them.

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Akshara-Abhir are also seen having fun

On the other hand, Akshara also brings a new car for Abhir, after which Abhir says when you had to get a new one, why did you ask to add the old one, everyone’s mother stops us from fighting, why do you teach me to fight. To which Akshara says that I do not want you to fight forever, I just want you to learn to fight. I have learned that things should be saved before they break, on which Abhir says, Mamma can join even after breaking. Akshara says that only toys get joined after breaking. Abhir says no, papa had added my shoelaces too, after which Akshara says but there was a knot in it, wasn’t it? While Akshara, Abhinav and Abhir are seen having fun with each other.

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