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Karan Johar accepts his mistake and tells himself the reason for the destruction of Bollywood

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Karan Johar continues to be trolled. Due to his statements, people keep questioning him continuously. Karan Johar is constantly accused of spoiling Indian culture through his films. Apart from this, many times his films and his content, promoting nepotism and many other types of allegations are leveled.

Due to this the box office collection from his cinema and cinema also gets damaged. We have seen that for a long time Bollywood movies are not doing well at the box office and the audience is not liking Bollywood movies.

In such a situation, Karan Johar has now accepted himself as the culprit. Karan Johar himself told in one of his interviews that due to what is the situation in Bollywood today and how Karan Johar himself is responsible for it.

Karan Johar said in an interview given to Galatta Plus, “Around 60 to 70 percent of the audience from Bombay and Delhi go to watch the film which makes a difference to the business of the film. But now he has started behaving differently.

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The way he used to go to watch films before the pandemic, is not so now. Karan Johar himself said that films are not earning now and will not earn in the future because Earlier the films used to earn 70 crores, now the business of the same films have reduced to 30 crores.

And now you will have to accept only 30 crores, 70 crores. He also said that in the coming times, he does not think that these figures are going to change.

Karan Johar pointed out the flaws of Bollywood and said “There is a big problem in the whole of Hindi cinema that we do not have the conviction and faith in the story. We had the original voice in the form of Salim Javed who brought alive the character in the cinema.

The original stories and characters that Salim Javed had preserved till the 70s, we started remaking South language films in the 80s. Remakes started in the ’80s. Also in 90’s we started making love stories seeing the success of the love story “Hum Aapke Hain Koun” and in all this I am guilty, that’s how we lost the roots of the ’70s.

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Karan further added, Then in the 2000s we started making all those kinds of films after “Lagaan” and then when Dabangg hit the box office, we felt the era of commercial films had come and started making those kinds of films.

Karan Johar himself said that We lost our roots and didn’t believe in our own origin stories. Karan Johar praised Salim and Javed a lot and laughed at their mistakes and told them that they were making great films, we went out of line and went to Switzerland and started making stories. Also Read: Is Karan Johar Himself The Reason For The Destruction Of Bollywood?

Karan Johar told that today people of India have completely changed and if we go to Switzerland and New Zealand and produce the film then people do not feel connected to that story.

Meanwhile, Karan Johar was also seen making fun of the critics and all the people sitting with him on the panel said that those who review the critics should not read them.
(This interview taken by Galatta Plus was conducted by journalist Bhardwaj Rangan. Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan, Karti, Pooja Hegde, Anurag Kashyap, and all South and Hindi language artists were present.)

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