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‘Tortured for 18 years but not by the family…’, says Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi after being released from jail for the first time

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New Delhi. As much as Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi is known for his songs, he has been in discussion for his controversies more than that. Singer has been accused of illegally sending people abroad, even building illegal farm houses. In such a situation, Daler Mehndi had to face jail several times. Recently, a few months back, Daler has come from jail after serving his sentence. He told for the first time how it took 18 years to prove himself innocent. So let’s know what Daler finally said.

Daler Mendi

My family gave full support – Daler

Talking about the ups and downs in life, Daler said that what he is doing is being done by God. I remember when my first song Bolo Tara Ra Ra was a hit-superhit, I told my mother that you have become so popular, people are knowing you, this is God’s will and when I started falling down from the air. , I had only one thing in my mind, that God is also doing it and there will be some good in it, because the one who made it reach the sky, can also bring it down. He further said that if you have not done anything in your life then you will also come out of this thing, and something similar happened with me. Today I have overcome all those things because my family and my God were with me.

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everything is done by god

Talking further, Daler said that it took 18 years to prove his innocence and the court reprimanded those who accused him. The court said how can anyone torture someone for 18 years. I am happy that today all the stains have been removed from me. He further said that now I have come out of jail and am going to start my life afresh once again.

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