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Toshu opens a new business, while Kavya takes a new New Year’s resolution.

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New Delhi. Anupama Serial begins in such a way that Anupama comes out after taking a bath and Anuj was getting ready for office, after which Anupama takes her eyes off him, then starts drying her hair with the help of a dryer. Taking a dryer with his hands, he starts drying her hair. After which Anupama becomes very happy, then Anupama says that she is missing Chhoti, on which Anuj says that I am also missing but she is happy where she is, I do not want to reduce her happiness. After which Anupama tells Anuj that I will try my best now, I will correct my mistake, I will also learn to say no to people, I will not give you any chance to complain. Just give me one chance after listening to which Anuj says chance is given where the relation is not equal and between us we are equal for each other Anu we don’t order each other we request each other We do. Anuj further says that we are partners, we are companions for each other, so not one but both of us will manage this relationship together, both of us will have to maintain this relationship. After which both say to each other, new year, new hum and then Anupama hugs Anuj, during that time a call comes from Anuj’s office and Anupama says come down, I will cook.

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Toshu opens new business

At the same time, in the Shah house, everyone sees Toshu and asks what have you done to this house, then Baa says, “O Vanraj’s elder son has gone mad, that’s why he is doing such things.” Now the son of the house can be taken out like this, after which Toshu says that Ba Bas Karo, my mental balance is absolutely fine and my new setup is very good. After listening to which Ba says that means office will open in the courtyard of the house, like children play from house to house, you will play office-office. Toshu says yes, this office is adjustable, you can shift it anywhere, then Kinjal says on this even anywhere in Africa, Toshu says yes, then Kinjal says, then take your office there. Then Baa starts hitting Toshu with the broom, on which everyone asks what are you doing Baa, then Baa says that I am cutting the ribbon of the office, I am inaugurating the office.

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Kavya’s new resolution

While Adhikari and Pakhi are also seen romancing here and there. Pakhi decorates the house very well to please Adhik, seeing which Adhik becomes very happy, while Vanraj is also surprised to see Kavya’s new avatar, Kavya is dancing in a shimmery color outfit and Seeing which Vanraj thinks what Kavya is doing, then Kavya says that my New Year’s resolution is that I am about to start modeling again, listening to which Vanraj says that you did not think it necessary to ask me even once, which But Kavya says that you also asked me before leaving the job in Delhi. Then Kavya tells Vanraj that if you want to support me then do so otherwise I am enough for myself.

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