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“What is this nakedness, how on the streets like this…”, BJP leader hits back at Urfi, demands action from Women’s Commission

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New Delhi. For Urfi, who grabbed headlines with her intimate dressing sense, her dressing sense is now becoming a problem as the actress’s war with BJP leader Chitra Wagh has intensified. There are continuous retaliatory attacks from both the sides. Yesterday, Urfi Javed had taken a dig at the BJP leader through social media, but now the leader has been seen retaliating. By releasing the video, she has termed Urfi Javed’s walking on the streets as nudity and has demanded action from the Women’s Commission. So let’s know what the leader said through the video.

The leader called Urfi’s actions naked

Releasing the video on her Twitter, Chitra Wagh said – Women’s Commission should take action on Urfi Javed as it is against the culture of Maharashtra. This is Shivaji’s kingdom and now such orgy will not happen here. The way Urfi comes out on the streets with bareness, does the Women’s Commission support it. Our protest is not against Urfi but against walking naked on the streets, the kind of clothes she wears are vulgar and heinous, which we cannot see. She further targeted the Women’s Commission and said that the law is doing its work on this matter but will the Women’s Commission do its job on this.

Chitra Wagh

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Urfi had said about suicide

Just yesterday, Urfi targeted Chitra Wagh through Twitter and Instastory. The actress had also talked about dying through a post. He wrote that I know that writing anything about politics is a bit dangerous, but these people themselves force me to commit suicide. I’ll either kill myself, or these people will kill me, what difference does it make, I’ve never done anything wrong, I don’t know why people follow me on their own. Apart from this, in a tweet, Urfi wrote – “I can’t wait to make you @ChitraWagh my friend after joining BJP. Do you remember Sanjay Chitra ji, after you joined BJP you had become a great friend, you had forgotten all his mistakes for which you created so much hue and cry in NCP.

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