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Will Abhimanyu hold Aarohi’s hand for the sake of Neel’s child, Arjun-Preeta will succeed in making the snakes unconscious

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new Delhi. Popular small screen serials Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Kundali Bhagya are seeing daily twists and turns. In the last episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, you saw that Akshara’s friend tells her that Manish is waiting for her in the car. Akshara refuses to go along and says that if she goes back, she will never be able to move forward in her life. Manish tells this to Abhimanyu. And in Kundali Bhagya, Preeta saves Arjun’s life, after which both of them together find a chemical to put snakes to sleep.


Rising in tension regarding the child

In today’s episode you will see that Akshara’s new boss misbehaves with her and that’s when Abhinav comes and saves Akshara’s life. Suddenly Akshara has a stomach ache, then the doctor tells her that your pregnancy is very risky and you need to be very careful, otherwise this child will not survive. On the other hand, in the Birla family, Aarohi’s health deteriorates and she asks how will she handle the child without Neel. Mahima says that Aarohi is not ready to take care of a child and she has a whole life ahead of her, so she should not have a child but Manjari gets enraged and says that she is Neil’s last sign. Mimi also says that Aarohi should There is a whole life in front of him, he should get married again. On the other hand, Abhinav explains to Akshara that she should go back to her house as there is a question of the child. He says that she can give second chance to her husband for the child. In the upcoming episode, Akshara informs Manish about her marriage, which Abhimanyu overhears.

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Rishabh will console Anjali

Whereas in Kundali Bhagya, Rakhi, Arjun, Preeta and Srishti get scared seeing the snake so close. The snake is sitting on the same box in which the chemical is kept. Both Preeta and Arjun move away from the compartment and plan to drive away the snake. Srishti shows Ashoka’s whistle to Arjuna and says that with its help the snake can be slowed down. Arjun asks Preeta and Rakhi to stay away and retrieves the box with the help of Srishti. On the other hand, Anjali is getting angry because Arjun has once again fallen in love with Preeta. After which Rishabh takes the satellite phone from Anjali. Rishabh thinks that Anjali is having a crush on Arjun, that’s why she is crying. He says everything will be fine.

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