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‘Avatar 2’ created panic in terms of earnings! In just 3 days, a box of three and a half thousand crore rupees was opened.

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Avatar 2 Worldwide Box Collection 2023: The Hollywood movie “Avatar 2” is making progress, raking in three and a half thousand crores of rupees in just three days. Even so, the movie’s box office performance falls short of projections. the first lesson in the 2009 film Avatar: The Way of Water. A sequel movie was successful financially when it was released.

It was expected that this film would make a strong opening. But it does not seem to live up to the expectations. Some people also say that James Cameron The films made do not do well on the opening weekend but earned more in the long term.

At the moment such things will continue to happen, however, in the initial days, Avatar 2 has collected 450 million dollars worldwide i.e. in Indian rupees earning 3598 crore rupees.

Avatar 2 Worldwide Box Collection 2022

Avatar 2 Worldwide Box Collection – Apart from English, ‘Avatar – The Way of Water’ has been released in Indian cinemas in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages. After releasing in all these languages, good results are being seen.

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On the other hand, Avatar-2 has done business for 41 crores on its first day in cinemas in India. According to this, this is the second Hollywood film that has hit such a big figure in the first opening.

The same is the name of the biggest Hollywood film ‘Avengers – Endgame’ for the first opening in India. Which had earned Rs 53.10 crore opening on the first day itself. Same in the first opening collection avatar 2 Worldwide Box Collection‘ has broken the records of big Hollywood films like ‘Doctor Strange – In the Multiverse of Madness’.

The same is seen in the Lifetime India collection list.Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness’ The total amount collected was Rs 126 crore.

Avatar 2 Photo
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Avatar 2 Worldwide Box Collection – Star Cast

“Avatar: The Way of Water,” a Hollywood film directed by James Cameron. He also made films like Alien, Titanic, Titanic 2, Avatar, and Avatar 2, which are among the most popular Hollywood movies.

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Whose names have been recorded more than once? In this Avatar 2 movie, the story depicts the story of human beings living on a blue planet named Pandora.

These blue creatures are called Navi. The humans living on the earth want to take possession of Pandora. It is shown in this whole film that Navi should save his planet from such humans.

See the names of the main characters of the film, which include Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, and Stephen Lang. These stars can be seen in the main roles. Avatar 2 Worldwide Box Collection This Hollywood movie was released worldwide on December 22.

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