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Owaisi’s tweet came in the midst of a war on Sammed Shikhar, know what the AIMIM leader said

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new Delhi. Probably, it would be appropriate to say that while one section of the country was preparing to make its new year special, on the other hand, on the very first day of the new year, another section was writing a script to bring alive its grand protest. I was busy It is the result of the same script that as soon as the eyes opened on the occasion of New Year, many states of the country including Delhi were seen covered with protestors. The streets from Delhi to Mumbai were seen lined with protesters. Banners in the hands of some, posters in the hands of others and anger against the government on the faces of others have made it clear that this year the path of protest can be sensitive and now many outspoken politicians have also decided to walk on this sensitive path. has been announced.


Asaduddin Owaisi is also one of these announcers. He has also announced to walk on this sensitive path. We will tell you what he has announced, but before that let us know that on which matter the process of protests has started across the country. It was only a few days back. When the Jharkhand government agreed to grant the status of a tourist destination to Sammed Shikhar, while nodding yes to the Centre’s yes. The central government along with the state has issued a notification giving the status of a tourist destination to Sammed Shikhar. After which not only Jharkhand, but the angry Jain community of the whole country are now demanding the government to withdraw the said decision by coming on the streets. Now you must be thinking that what is the connection of Sammed Shikhar with the Jain community. Let us tell you.

Jain 1

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Actually, the way Kashi, Mathura and Vridanvan are a matter of faith for Hindus. The way Mecca-Medina is a matter of faith for Muslims. Just as Vatican City is a matter of faith for Christians. Similarly, Sammed Sthal is a matter of faith for the Jain community. The Jain community says that their faith has been hurt by the government giving tourist status to Sammed Sthal. Now probably a question may arise in your mind that why the Jain community got agitated by giving it tourist status? A question may come in your mind that even though the place has been given tourist status, then what is the need to make so much fuss about it. Let us answer this further.

Jain 3

Actually, the reason behind protesting by the Jain community can be called fear, apprehension or possibility. As a reader, whatever you like in these three words, you can wrap yourself in it. However, let’s come to the point and the point is that the Jain community fears that if Sammed Sthal is given the shape of a tourist destination, there will be innumerable tourists, which will increase the consumption of meat, fish and alcohol and The Jain community eats completely pure Shatvik food. In such a situation, the Jain community does not tolerate that anyone consumes intoxicants including meat, fish at their religious place.


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That’s it…the whole point is….hope you understand. Now Jain communities across the country are demanding the government to withdraw this decision. The protesting Jains have announced that they will also submit a memorandum to the President in Delhi regarding this issue and will also demand the government to withdraw this decision. On the other hand, the political temperature has also reached its peak regarding this whole issue. Please tell that AIMIM chief Asuddin Owaisi has supported the Jain community regarding this issue. He tweeted that we support the people of the Jain community and demand the government to withdraw this decision. Along with this, Owaisi has appealed to the CM of Gujarat to take strict action against the accused.

Jain Community 2

Let us tell you that even before this, the case of vandalism in Jain temple in Gujarat had come to light. At the same time, earlier the Vishwa Hindu Parishad had also supported the Jain community in the matter. The Jain community has made it clear that the protest will continue unabated until the said decision is withdrawn by the government.

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