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Interesting Facts And Information About India

Interesting Facts And Information About India

India is called a land of legends and stories., There is so much cultural and natural diversity in India that it is not possible for anyone to write about all the variations. Yet we have tried to reach out to these facts for you.

Here are Interesting Facts And Information About India the tremendous factors associated with geography and the people of India.


1 to 10 Interesting Facts About India

1. Although there is the largest network of mail in India, where there are 1,55,015 post offices. A post office is ready to help about 7,175 people.

The post office of the country also includes the postal department of Dal Lake in Srinagar. It’s a floating post office which is started in 2011.

2. The crowd of Kumbh Mela is also visible from space.
In the year 2019, at Kumbh Mela on the banks of Sangam, there was a crowd of people from all over the world that this crowd was seen from space.

Is not that surprising thing? In 2011, 7.5 million people had bathed the Ganga Shahi at Kumbh Mela.

3. India has the rainiest place in the world. There is so much rain in the place called Mausinram on the Khasi Hills of India’s Meghalaya. Earlier this record was named Cherrapunji of Meghalaya.

4. Bandra-Worli sea is connected to the diameter of the earth. The bridge was built in 2,57,00,000 hours and its total weight is equal to 50,000 African elephants. This is a unique model of human art.

5. World’s Highest Cricket Ground is in India. Chail is a place in Himachal Pradesh where there is also a Military School. It was built in 1893 and at the altitude of 2,444 meters, it is the highest cricket ground in the world.

6. The shampoo is invented in India. You may have been surprised to know this fact about India because earlier people used to believe in washing hair from the soil, but the word shampoo came out from the Sanskrit word of Champu. Champu means massage.

7. India’s national kabaddi team has won the World Cup.
As such, we are all crazy about cricket and remembering cricket as the name of the World Cup.

I used to remember hockey as ever. However, kabaddi team of India of both men and women has won all the world cups so far.

8. On the Moon, India had first discovered water in September 2009’s. India’s Moon satellite discovered this for the first time on the surface of the Moon with the help of Moon’s Mineralogy Mapper.

9. Science Day is dedicated to former President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam. Now you may have come to understand that the respect of Kalam is not only in our country but it is also the craze all over the world. May 26 is made as Science Day.

10. The first President of India used to take only half a salary out of full. Dr Rajendra Prasad is considered as a first President of Independent India who is associated with land till his life.

This person, famous for his hard work, used to take just 50 per cent of the salary paid to the president, 10,000 rupees.

India’s first rocket
India’s first rocket

11 to 20 Interesting Facts About India

11. India’s first rocket was so light that it was taken to the launch station on a bicycle carrier.

12. Elephants are also recognized religiously in India. Here people see them with great respect. There are many such locations in Kerala where the elephant is bathed and lighted.

13. The second most English-speaking country in the world is India.  Now call it the effect of British or better employment on English speaking, but India comes second in terms of English speakers.

14. According to the International Institute of Strategic Studies, India has the largest army after China. America at number three.

15. There are more than 3,00,000 mosques in India, it is higher than in other Muslim countries.

16. India is the seventh (7th) largest country in the world. India has 3,287,263 square kilometres of land. But only 9.6% is water on the ground.

17. India is the largest importer of arms (arms) in the world.

18. India is a country which has never attacked any country in history.

19. India is the only country in the world, where 31-42% of the population is vegetarian.

20. India is the country with the second largest roads network of the world.

21 to 30 Interesting Facts About India

21. Golden Temple in Punjab, Amritsar, India, in one day, about 1, 00,000 people eat food for free.

22. Zero was invented by Aryabhata. He was an Indian.

23. English artist Sir Ben Kingsley’s birth name is Krishna Pandit’s niece and he is of Indian origin. Also, a famous singer.

24. Plastic Surgery is being practised in India for nearly 4,000 years.

25. The number of children born in India every year is more than the entire population of Australia and many other countries.

26. More than 70% of the spices produced in the world are from India.

27. Indira Gandhi Airport is the second largest and best airport in the world.

28. The world’s first university is the India university named “Taxila”

29. Microprocessor Pentium Chip was invented by Indian-origin scientist Vinod Dham.

30. Do You Know in 1942 during the Second World War the Taj Mahal was covered with bamboo balls? for protection from air strikes.

31 to 40 Interesting Facts About India

31. Do you know that India was an island about 100 million years ago?

32. Only the KFC has introduced a vegetarian menu for India.

33. India is the world’s largest producer of milk.

34. World’s highest railway bridge “Chenab Bridge” is being built in Jammu & Kashmir. It is five times higher than the Kutub Minar and 40 meters high from the Eiffel Tower.

35. India’s name “India” has been come from the Indus river.

36. In 1981, India’s first satellite was taken to the bull cart for testing.

37. India is the only country after America and Britain, which has the highest guineas World Record.

38. Chess is the oldest game in the world, which was invented in India in the 6th century AD.

39. Tea is the state dish of Assam State of India. Assam Minister for Agriculture Atul Bora has suggested to the Government of India to declare the coffee as a national drink

40. Diamond was first searched in India.

41 to 50 Interesting Facts About India

41. The world’s largest rescue campaign was done by India in 1990. When Iraq was attacked by Kuwait.  Air India then airlifted 1,71,000 Indians with the help of Indians living in Kuwait. Akshay Kumar’s film “airlift” is based on this phenomenon.

42. India is the first country in the world, where sugar was produced and consumed. The techniques of making sugar from foreign come to India.

43. Shakuntala Devi was given the title of Human Calculator in 1982 by Guinness world record.

44. Do you know Ravindranath Tagore has written the national anthem of India as well as the national anthem “Amar Sonar Bangla” of Bangladesh?

45. Maybe you do not know “Havell’s” is an Electrical Goods is an Indian company. It is named after its first owner, Haveli Ram Gandhi.

46. The special polling station is opened every time for Mahant Bharatdas Darshan Das. Because he is the only voter in the forests of Banej gir.

47. India is the 7th and largest democratic country.

48. India is the second country in the world to produce engineers and scientists.

49. India’s Railway Department is the highest paying department in the world.

50. In Lucknow, “City Montessori School” is the largest school in the world, with approximately 52,000 students and 1050 classrooms.

51. The highest number of films in the world are made in India.

52. More than 4700 newspapers are published in more than 300 languages in India.

53. The world’s largest family also lives in India. “Ziona Chana” has 39 wives, 94 children, and 33 grandchildren. These families live together in the 4-storey house of 100 rooms in Baktwang village of Mizoram.

54. India’s highest award is Bharat Ratna.

55. Mahatma Gandhi is considered the Father of the Nation of India. But there is no record in the official paper that Mahatma Gandhi is the Father of the Nation. Meaning is not officially as it is.

56. Let us tell you Hockey is not the national sport of India. Just recently, in response to the RTI of a 10-year-old girl, the Union Ministry of youth affairs did not reply that India has no national sport.

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