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Consume these 4 things, teeth will start shining like Kiara Advani

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Every part of a person’s body has its own importance. Teeth also play a special role in a person’s life. They not only aid in chewing and breaking down food, but they also enhance your appearance.

Wrong eating habits and the health condition of the person also have a great impact on the health of the teeth. Because of these, rotting and yellowing of the teeth starts.

In such a situation, today we will tell you that by consuming Foods for Healthy Teeth, you can get shining and strong teeth like Bollywood actress Kiara Advani. In such a situation, definitely read this news till the end…


Almond is one such dry fruit which is a rich source of calcium and protein. The sugar level in it is negligible. Its consumption is very beneficial for the teeth. Also Read: Tamannaah Bhatia’s Curtain Lifted Beautifully, Just This One Thing Brings Glow On Her Face


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Carrot is rich in Vitamin A and fiber. Eating raw carrots produces more saliva in the mouth, which helps in digestion of food. Apart from this, the saliva produced in the mouth stops the bacteria. So you must also eat carrots.

Healthy Teeth..


Everyone consumes curd in summer. Consume it in different ways like Lassi, Raita. Curd is rich in calcium and protein. Its use benefits the teeth. The good bacteria present in curd (simple sour curd) are helpful in reducing the gums in the mouth. In such a situation, definitely include curd in your diet.

Healthy Teeth.

Green leafy vegetables

Doctors always recommend eating green leafy vegetables, it is very beneficial not only in terms of health but also for teeth. The vitamins and minerals found in it are also beneficial for the body and teeth. Also Read: I Have Fallen In Love With My Wife’s Elder Sister, Now I Am Not Able To Pay Attention To My Wife, What Should I

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