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I am doing baby planning since 5 years but my husband does not let me come near, what should I do?

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In a relationship like marriage, husband and wife should move in the same direction. If the husband and wife walk in opposite directions, then it is impossible for the marriage to survive. Also Read: Tamannaah Bhatia’s Curtain Lifted Beautifully, Just This One Thing Brings Glow On Her Face

Our reader Rajni is facing such a problem. Her husband and she are working in completely different directions. It has come to the point that the relationship has reached the verge of breaking. So let’s first know Rajni’s problem.

Husband jerks away

Rajni says that she has been planning a baby for five years but has not been able to conceive. The doctor has advised IVF, but this decision also does not make any difference to my husband. My friend is supporting me in this decision.

Actually, my husband has no interest in me. For the last many years, my husband has become more inclined towards spirituality, he also listens to the live discourses of the gurus.

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In such a situation, when I try to go to my husband, he shoves me. They don’t care what I think, how I feel. I am starting to feel suffocated in marriage, and all these things are beyond my tolerance.

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It is very important to have patience and patience

In this matter, experts say that if the husband and wife walk in the same direction, then only the marriage is successful. If both are moving in different directions, then that marriage is on the verge of breaking up, just like yours. Also Read: When 10 Years Of Love Called Me A Prostitute, Even Today I Can’t Forget His Words

It is not wrong to move towards spirituality for the first time, but it is wrong to sacrifice its family responsibilities. Try to explain the same thing to your husband with love.

You have to find out why they have chosen the path of spirituality and what the reason is that they are running away from you. Make your husband feel how incomplete you feel without him. For this, you have to have patience.

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