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I don’t want to talk to any man, my husband likes it, even talking to my brother is a crime.

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The foundation of a married relationship rests on marriage, and if there is less trust in the relationship, then the course of life can derail, so there should be participation by both partners in maintaining the relationship. Also Read: Why Are Socks Hung On Christmas, How It Started, Know The Interesting Story Behind It

Our reader Preeti is also going through a similar situation, where her husband does not trust her and she is now feeling suffocated in her marriage, so let’s first understand Preeti’s problem and how she came out of this situation. How can you deal?

Feeling suffocated in marriage

Preeti says that they have not been married for many months, and she is trying to understand her husband. She told me, “Everything has gone well between us, but I am troubled by a habit of my husband.”

When I talk to any man, he does not like it, and he becomes irritable. It was too much when I started talking to my own brother, he didn’t like that either. Because of this, I am not able to talk to my office workers, friends, or people in the neighborhood.

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Many times, even in front of family members and relatives in a public place, embarrassment had to be raised. I don’t understand what to do. Also Read:

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Know husband’s heart

Experts on this matter say that this situation is really bad, but it is very important to know why your husband is doing this. First of all, talk to your husband and try to know his mind. Explain to your husband that you will never break his trust and will always be with him.

Apart from this, also try to know whether they are not doubting you about anything, because of the way they are behaving or if something has happened to them in the past that has not convinced them till date. Also Read: Unheard Stories: I Am Doing Baby Planning Since 5 Years But My Husband Does Not Let Me Come Near, What Should I Do?

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