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This morning habit affects the brain, unknowingly everyone is doing this mistake

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Side Effects Of Using Smartphones Right After Waking Up: Mobile phones have made life more accessible, and in today’s era, it is difficult to do without them. But due to some habits, people are suffering a lot mentally. 

Everyone chooses an excellent routine to improve their lifestyle, in which morning and night routines differ. However, most people check their mobile phones in the morning, immediately after waking up. 

Side Effects Of Using Smartphones Right After Waking Up

From reading messages to watching reels on social media, there can be disadvantages to looking at mobile phones as soon as the eyes open. If you also have this habit, then know these things.

The Mental state will be affected.

When you use a mobile phone, as soon as you open your eyes, your brain shifts from theta brain waves to beta brain waves. It affects your mental health, which can lead to stress. 

Most people check social media on mobile phones in the morning, so the brain releases dopamine. In such a situation, the brain encourages us to do those things, due to which dopamine is released. 

In such a situation, people become addicted to using the phone. Some reports even say that people who use mobile phones are more lazy to think than those who read books.

People go astray

When you use mobile phone in the morning to get distracted from your work, this is because, on seeing the mobile, most people think that they will keep it for 5 minutes, but when these 5 minutes turn into hours, it is not known. 

In this case, it can distract your mind and slow your morning routine. When you open your eyes, checking your smartphone first thing in the morning can waste your time.

Tension may increase

The tension of the people watching the phone may increase as soon as their eyes open. On seeing the mobile in the morning, you can see emails or messages that affect your mind. This prevents you from starting the day peacefully, and as soon as you start the day, stress and anxiety increase.

How to get rid of chase from phone

It isn’t easy to get rid of the phone, although it can be avoided in the morning. For this, some things have to be followed, like putting a warning on the clock instead of an alarm on the phone. 

Set a morning routine for yourself in which you do some exercise. The best way to start the day is to drink water, meditate and exercise.

Disclaimer: Take the approaches and assertions in this article as suggestions only. Consult a doctor or specialist before implementing any such treatment/medicine/diet.

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