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Is marrying the person you fell in love with the right decision if he is married?

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Divorce separates not only the husband and wife, but also two families. Courage is needed to start life again after getting or giving a divorce because the burnt buttermilk of milk is also drunk by blowing.

Is marrying the person you fell in love with, the right decision if he is married?

Our reader Megha (name changed) is going through a similar situation who is a divorcee and is confused about getting married again. Let’s first know the problem of the reader and then the opinion of the expert.

She also has a child

Megha is a divorced woman who has fallen in love with a man who is already married. Megha told me that she had met that person seven years ago, when both were not married. Megha and that person used to talk a lot, but there was nothing like love. He told me that during this time I got married, which did not last long, and I decided to separate.

Now that person says that he loves me and wants to get married. The problem is that the person is also married and has a child. The man says that he is not happy with his marriage, then he is in a relationship only for the sake of the child. Now I don’t know what decision to take.

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In this matter, the expert says that first of all, ask yourself whether you are ready for this marriage because the person whom you are trying to marry is already married and the father of a child.

In such a situation, if ever her love for her child awakens, what will you do? Secondly, also find out whether he loves you so wants to get married or he is worried about his own marriage, that is why he has taken this decision.

Thirdly, if you are on the path of marriage, then it is going to be challenging for you and in such a situation you have to strengthen yourself mentally.

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