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When 10 years of love called me a prostitute, even today I can’t forget his words

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Love is a word that testifies to purity. The word love has been given a lot of importance since mythological times. Love has also been given importance in the stories inspired by God.

However, sometimes love becomes suffocating, and it becomes difficult to live with this bond. Our reader (Anjali) is going through a similar problem. Also Read: Unheard Stories: Wife Abuses Dirty In Front Of Parents, Tired Of Explaining, What To Do

Who used to love her partner very deeply, but now that love has started to feel like a burden. So let’s know about the story of his love from Anjali itself.

10 years of love became a burden

Anjali says that she fell in love with a man whom she had known for years. Anjali told that we knew each other since we were both in 10th class. Our relationship started from then itself.

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There used to be a lot of stories of our love in school but we didn’t care about anyone. Everything was going well. We both came to college and started studying together but slowly his behavior started changing.

He started keeping an eye on me all the time. If I used to chill with my friends, he would scold me. He used to fight with me when I went out.


There was suffocation in the relationship

Days passed like this and I got a job. After getting a job, I bought him everything he wanted, but slowly I realized that he didn’t love me at all. One day I had to go for dinner with my friends and when I left the house getting ready, he called me a prostitute.

That day, for the first time, I fought with him a lot and pushed him out of my house. I was feeling suffocated in the relationship. Also Read: I Am Fed Up With One Habit Of My Husband, Now Living Together Has Become Difficult

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The head appeared to have a CCTV installed. It’s been two years since our breakup, but I still haven’t dared to be in a relationship with someone else, whereas he is dating someone.

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